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TI-82 Graphing Calculator – Old but Still A Reliable Calculator

ti83 review

The TI-82 graphing calculator from Texas Instruments contains tables, data modeling and many other great features. Its interface is simple to understand and easy to use. As such, it’s an excellent choice for new users who don’t have much experience with advanced calculators.

Useful features

The commands are all grouped in a way that makes sense and are very easy to access. The menus aren’t layered in a complex way as they are on many other graphic calculators. One problem that more experienced users may find is that the TI-82 graphic calculator doesn’t have string and conversion capabilities. This may not be a big issue for some users—that is, if they don’t need to convert from one unit to another.

It does, however, have plenty of advanced features that will come in handy for any type of user such as graphing abilities, advanced equation solving and statistical analysis capabilities. The TI-82 has all the features anybody could ask for when it comes to graphing and solving mathematical problems. If this old but gold calculator isn’t enough for your needs, try to read this top graphing calculator article.

great calculator for math

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting the TI-82 graphing calculator:

  • It contains an eight-line x 16 character display.
  • You will be able to store up to 10 functions.
  • Up to 10 functions can be graphed simultaneously.It has constant memory.
  • It’s programmable.
  • It can compute roots, integrals, derivatives and values of a function.
  • Graphical zoom features.
  • It has up to 14 digit accuracy.
  • The high screen is 94 pixels wide by 82 pixels high.
  • It can display tables of functions, showing both inputs and outputs.
  • It can handle matrix operations.
  • Its screen can be projected onto an overhead.It has the ability to work with histograms, regression equations and scatter diagrams.

One great thing about the TI-82 is that it only takes AA batteries. Users won’t have to worry about going through a lot of trouble getting the batteries replaced, as they can do it themselves. This calculator also has 28.2 K bytes of memory, giving students a lot of room in which to store formulas and equations. The memory maybe not enough for some users, if that is the case I suggest get the TI-84 Plus CE, read the review here.

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It’s also one very amazing calculator in terms of input and output lists. Students who normally struggle in math and/or science classes will find that TI-82 calculators will make things a lot easier for them. This impressive device will allow for students to create 3D graphs and derive plot points all at the push of a couple of buttons.

Teachers will usually take the time to help students use advanced calculators to solve math problems.  There are also instruction guides available for download on the internet. TI-82 calculators are very affordable. New and used ones both can be ordered online or on amazon for less! They are ideal for inexperienced users, although advanced users will gain a lot from using them as well.

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