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Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Review



If you seek an all-terrain stroller, the Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller provides an easy and comfortable commute with exceptional features to make day trips a breeze. Despite the company name, this particular stroller isn’t designed for actual jogging.


The wheel system

Since the wheels are inflated with foam instead of air, it creates a lightweight system that is also durable and shock-resistant.

The 12-inch forever air swivel wheels with sealed ball bearings are great for any daily obstacle you may encounter out with your child and provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

The wheels easily lock into place for straight, long distance strolling. Located on the adjustable handlebars is a hand-operated brake for ease in sudden stops.

The frame

If you are running errands all day with your children, you don’t want to constantly remove a heavy, bulky stroller from your trunk. Baby Jogger has produced a lightweight aluminum frame that makes transport and storage a breeze. Though the frame is light, it doesn’t sacrifice in durability and it is designed for lasting use.

With the simple lift of a strap, the whole stroller folds itself for easy and convenient transport. The auto-lock secures the stroller in place in its closed position.


The seat

For extended periods of time in the stroller, you definitely want a comfortable seat. This Baby Jogger stroller contains a seat that reclines to a near flat position and provides ventilation for more air circulation throughout the stroller on particularly hot days.

In addition, there is a raised kicker for added leg support for smaller children as well. The stroller contains an SPF 50+ adjustable sun canopy with a retractable weather cover to protect against inclement weather. To further increase circulation, there are side ventilation panels that are secured with magnets.

You are able to check on your child inside the stroller through the peek-a-boo windows located at the top of the canopy. Connected to the stroller is a built-in parent console that holds all of your personal belongings, such as a cell phone or wallet.

In addition a seat-back pocket, there is vast undercarriage storage for extra clothing, food, and other essentials for a long day away from home.


The City Elite Single stroller instantly becomes a travel system with the addition of a car seat. There are several adapters available to fit your particular car seat system. For even the smallest baby, there are prams/bassinets that fit to the stroller as well.

There are numerous other accessories that fit to the stroller, including the useful snack tray and liquid holder, and cold weather additions like the foot muff.


The Baby Jogger Elite is perfect for a sunny day and protects your child from all of the elements. This lightweight design still manages to provide all of the essential features for a practical, durable and useful stroller that could be further customized for the needs of you and your family.

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